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If you already have an asbestos management plan in place then Trident Surveying could help you in carrying out the re-inspection of the ACMs on a regular basis. Working closely with you, We can devise appropriate re-inspection programs, undertake the inspections, update your asbestos register accordingly and keep you legally compliant.

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As part of your duty to manage asbestos, you are legally required to re-inspect each Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) on a regular basis regardless of its condition and location. The frequency of inspection is dictated by the type, extent and location of asbestos, but must not exceed 12 months. This is because asbestos materials may change over time due to either damage from minor accidents, maintenance and repair works, floods, fires, severe weather etc or general deterioration of the materials or their coverings, which could increase the risk of exposure.

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Trident Surveying will:​

  • Assess your current asbestos records

  • Provide a programme for re-inspecting, together with costs

  • Contact you before your re-inspection is due

  • Re-inspect your site(s) and update your asbestos records accordingly

  • Provide a report on the results of the inspection

  • Advise where there have been any changes to asbestos containing materials and provide professional recommendations to maintain

  • Ensure legal compliance and compliance with your asbestos policy, including reviewing your management plan

  • Totally remove all your hassle and stress from the procedure

After the asbestos re-inspection we collate the new information / findings in an impartial manner and add the new information to your existing asbestos file. This forms a new asbestos record and allows you to rectify any issues that may need attention. We are dedicated to offering a value for money service giving you, the customer, a cost effective solution with ongoing support.

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