“No impact on the new school”

Asbestos discovery at Scottish primary school won’t delay new term

Langlee Primary School in Galashiels, in the Borders region of Scotland, is set to commence its 2016/17 term this month in a new building, despite asbestos having been found in the institution’s old buildings, delaying their demolition.

Contractors responsible for levelling the old school are reported by local newspaper, the Southern Reporter, to have found more of the lethal substance than they had anticipated. However, Scottish Borders Council has said that pupils will still start their term in the new building on Wednesday 16th August, as originally planned.

This start date – also applicable to the other primary school in the region in Duns – is one day after the rest of the Borders, to give teachers time to prepare their new classrooms for the coming academic year.

“No impact on the new school”

While there were plans for the site of the former Langlee Primary School building to be landscaped before the new one was opened, this was already so tightly scheduled that pupils had been given an additional day off at the beginning of the summer holiday to allow for the completion of the work.

It means that with the news of the recent asbestos discovery, parents have voiced concerns as to whether the start date for the new term will be moved back.

Speculation that another week would be needed to ensure the safety of the site was dismissed by a spokesperson for the authority, who commented: “Some additional asbestos has been discovered in the former Langlee Primary School following intrusive works, which means the demolition of the old building will take slightly longer than originally scheduled.

“However, there will be no impact on the new school, with the deconstruction of the old school taking place in a safe and controlled manner and managed appropriately.”

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‘Lives at risk’ due to asbestos at former Essex bingo hall

‘Lives at risk’ due to asbestos at former Essex bingo hall

A builder has warned that public health is being imperilled by the presence of discarded asbestos at a disused Basildon bingo hall, in another development that helps to draw attention to the continued pressing need for the highest standard of asbestos awareness training across the UK.

Local authority warned three times about fibres

35-year-old construction manager Dal Herbert said he spotted the lethal substance at the side of the one-time Gala Bingo building in High Road, Pitsea, while on his way to the shops. He said to Essex-based newspaper The Echo that it appeared developers had pulled down the building’s ceiling to attempt to prevent it from falling, unaware that dangerous asbestos was being exposed as a result.

Mr Herbert said that he had got in touch three times over a several-week period with Basildon Council, which, it has since emerged, had ordered that the suspended ceiling be removed.

He commented: “Someone had pulled down the ceiling of the building, obviously trying to make it safer, but not knowing asbestos was there.

“I alerted environmental health at Basildon Council three times, but I was told it wasn’t their problem as it’s a private property.”

He expressed particular concern for the health of users of a bus stop in front of the building, adding: “There’s hundreds of people using that bus stop and everyone is oblivious. It’s very dangerous.

“Asbestos causes lung cancer and the symptoms don’t show for 20 to 30 years. You breathe in the fibres and they hook into your lungs.”

“If nothing is done it’ll be like the Grenfell Tower fire”

Similar sentiments were voiced by Hiren Dave, the owner of Shiv Food and Wine on Pitsea Broadway, who said: “Dal has warned me about it. He told me to make sure I tell people – especially old people because they always use the bus stop.

“If nothing is done it’ll be like the Grenfell Tower fire and it’ll be too late to do anything.”

According to The Echo, a Basildon Council spokesman has since confirmed that the local authority’s building control team asked the owner of the building to remove a suspended ceiling on the grounds of it being “in a dangerous state”.

The spokesman added: “It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the building is safe and any debris is disposed of responsibly.”

Such news of exposed asbestos fibres on a sensitive site like this – particularly so close to a frequently used bus stop – alarmed our team here at Trident Asbestos Solutions as much as it alarmed Mr Herbert and, we are sure, many of the users of our services.

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Precaution taken, but asbestos “safe” and “undisturbed”

‘Structural issue’ at Bristol music venue prompts asbestos fears

A choir was forced to switch venue at late notice on a Saturday night after part of the main hall’s ceiling at Colston Hall in Bristol “fell off”, according to reports, amid fears about the dangers posed by possible asbestos in the building.

The Gurt Lush Choir was set to perform ‘Sex, Death and Poultry’ on 8th July, but had to move the event to Bristol University’s Wills Memorial Building after the unexpected incident.

An article in the Bristol Post said it understood that the affected section of the ceiling had collapsed on Friday night, rendering the space unusable. Choir member Nicola Harwin said there were fears that the crumbled section could contain asbestos.

Precaution taken, but asbestos “safe” and “undisturbed”

Ms Harwin, speaking on BBC Radio Bristol, commented: “As far as I can understand it a piece of ceiling has fallen off and there are concerns about whether there might be some asbestos or something.”

The Bristol music venue then issued a statement on Monday, clarifying: “The change of location was due to an unexpected minor structural issue in the main hall at Colston Hall.

“Over the weekend a small fracture in the ceiling of the main hall was identified and as we are aware of safe, undisturbed asbestos in the old part of the building we took the precaution to close the Hall for the evening as the safety of our visitors and performers is paramount.”

The venue added that it expected the issue to be resolved early in the week with no effect on any future shows.

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