Frequently Asked Questions

 What is asbestos?

 What are the health risks of asbestos?

 What happens if I do not have an asbestos survey?

 What happens if you find asbestos on our premises?

 How much a survey will cost?

 Will my staff be made aware that you are looking for asbestos?

 Do I have to close my premises if you find asbestos?

 What qualifications do you have?

 Do I need floor plans?

 Can I leave you in the premises working on your own?

 Do I have to have the asbestos you find removed?

 Do you wear a facemask and seal off areas?

 Will there be any dust made during the survey?

 Will you damage my property?

 Can we stay working at the premises whilst the survey is carried out?

 Do you have to go everywhere in our building?

 How long will the survey take?

 Do photographs need to be taken?

 Do you remove the asbestos when you find it?

 After asbestos has been removed, does the property need to be re-surveyed?

 Will I be fined if I fail to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations?

 How do I Book my Asbestos Survey?

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